The 7 WordPress Theme Is So Famous, But Why? – Reveal The Story

WordPress has 400 million monthly users, and this big community is its competitor. They everyday contest with themes in forums. 

Based on this healthy competition, the internet gets some of the best themes. It’s not like that every theme receives attention. Some of them are irresistible.

You cannot take off your eyes from them. It’s all about efficiency, which makes them appealing and eventually famous.  

Now, why are they famous? What factors played the most behind them? All these queries will be answered here.

I picked the 7 wordpress theme to answer all the queries. So, these are the following essentials you are going to feed your brain.

  • Famous WordPress Themes
  • Best WordPress Themes So Far

Famous WordPress Themes:

Let’s start with an overview of this segment. In this area, you will know the top seven theme niches. Each of them is leading the market with a specific purpose, and this aim has made them famous. 
So what’s the purpose/aim?      

News / Magazine WordPress Theme

People are now relying on online magazines instead of paper-based. This is just because of flexibility and quick information. 

If you scroll your Facebook, you will see at least 2 or 3 news or magazine portal URLs after five posts. Isn’t it? Yes! They are habituating us with their interactive touch – no doubt! 

And this growing habit is making the website owner rich. They earn from each click (maybe), or through advertising. Several entrepreneurs are in fact, making their living from this platform. 

How? Simple! Nowadays, it’s easy to build a magazine website; it takes two or three minutes to create.
Not only that but also the contents are easy to generate. You need to glue up your eyes with trends. And so far, this is the reason behind choosing News/Magazine themes. 

Personal CV & Resume WordPress Theme

One of the growing niches is CV & Resume. You can ask, “Why?” I would simply answer; this is the smartest way to represent yourself. 
Yes! Trust me! Recruiters are now scaling this as a skill. The more innovative you are here, the your chances are high to get new clients. 

To boost up your chances, resume/CV themes can be fuel. It segments your total profile in a lucrative way. You can update it regularly without hassle.

This feature is a breakthrough for candidates; it reduces their stress of daily updates. They just send the link to the recruiter. That’s all! For this flexibility, Cv/Resume themes are getting popular.    
Digital Marketing WordPress Theme

Covid-19 is teaching us a lot of lessons. Growing your digital business is one of them. That is why the rise of digital marketing is higher than last year. 

Professionals are now shifting their gears from the market places. They are now creating their digital platforms; here, they sell courses, services, and more values. It ultimately generates more money than the market place. How?  

Well, the market places used to cut a commission for each of your earnings. It is ultimately huge for every professional; it means a lot of cash is draining out.

I am not saying marketplaces are crashing your earnings; rather, they are establishing your fame. So, creating a sole digital presence can help you grow better. 

I think the smartest entrepreneur has realized this, and that’s why they are running wild. Selling courses and serving B2B through their own flag. It ultimately creates cash opportunities and workspace. Tell me, who does not want financial freedom? Maybe that is the crucial point to get popular with this theme.

Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Like the previous two, Corporate multi-purpose themes are on the rise. Every business owner is now planning to compete in the cyber world. 

They are investing in this theme to get a better response, so do they are having. For example, one of my clients is now having a 10X boost after installing a multi-purpose blog. Seeing this, some of his competitors are now sailing their ship in this theme. I am sure the rest of the world is facing my experience. Now why the corporates are shifting their gears?

Clients need better experiences. If your theme can ensure this through blogs, shops, and instant service, it means you just entered the next step. All the brilliant corporates are stepping here, and that’s the reason for popularity. 

Organic Food WooCommerce WordPress Theme

This theme is a “golden egg.” Just give me 1-minute to tell you the big “WHY?” In a digital marketing seminar, once I asked, “how much does an ECommerce store earn?” 

The expert replied to me, “around $10,000”. It’s all about the SEO, Theme, and Content strategy. That’s what he added at last.  
He, in fact, showed me a potential earners chart. Oh my god! It’s almost a million. The primary reason for choosing the woocommerce theme is comfort.

Yes! It takes one hour to set up the business. An entrepreneur can do several things with this; adding products, sharing knowledge, live chat with clients, easy payment setup, and more. 

All these facilities are eventually routing them to this theme. It ultimately enhances the theme’s popularity.        

Travel Niche

Travel blogs are growing as another competitive niche. It’s because of the rise of travel bloggers; they share their traveling experience in-depth here.

As a result, future travelers get a detailed overview of the visited place. It reduces cost and insecurity. Now, why is it so popular? 

The reason for the popularity is the income sources. You can earn through direct sponsorship and advertising. Both ways are available; it’s like you will make as much as you travel. Even your earnings will continue while you are on holiday.

Restaurant and food:

Ordering from your favorite restaurant is now standard. You can enjoy your favorite cousin with your family, even in this pandemic. And this trend has grown faster than before.

It not only makes you comfortable but also the owners. They can earn a handsome figure through their food delivery. How is it possible? It’s all about a responsive theme.

Installing a restaurant theme can help you to get that benefit. It takes only 20 minutes or less to set your digital presence. Can you guess the reason for its popularity now? 

Best WordPress Themes So Far:

I just explained the reasons for popularity. Now it’s time to answer the second question. Yap! The major factors. I picked the seven best wordpress themes; it will help you get a clear idea. Shall I start? 

01) Newstrack:

Newstrack- WordPress theme


Users love simplicity, and Newstrack ensures that. The theme offers fast loading with cross-platform availability -I liked these features the most. There are some other options I need to explain. Read this now.  

Major Features:

Multi-Browser compatibility is handy.
Social media integrations are easy
King Composer page builder for an eye-catching design.  
Fully responsive in every device.
Mobile friendly
It meets all the technical SEO categories. 
The typography is advanced.
Thousands of color combinations for fonts.
Css3 animation. 

Why is it famous?

Most entrepreneurs like this theme for the price: It’s a starter theme; you can generate at least $100 with this theme. Means your initial investments are secured. 

02) Adrion

Adrion- WordPress theme


A better promotion is always a good signal to bring clients; Adrion has made that sure. It offers 70 plus opportunities for job seekers. It includes different layouts with segmented profiles. Wait! More things are coming. 

Major Features:

Two unique layouts: dark and light.
A page builder is hassle-free: drag and drop. 
You can use it for multi-purpose: business, personal, artwork, and more. 
Easy to customize. 
Frontend and backend color pickers are great.
24/7 live support. 

Why is it famous?

This one is famous for its diversified usage; it’s like you can segment your purpose with demos’ varieties. For example, you can set up your profile in almost six different ways. 

03) Axion


Trustworthy. You have seen the right word; Axion is a reliable website for your digital marketing platform. It offers everything under one roof. Starting from the service to course selling. Everything is here. That’s not the end.  

Major Features:

It has a clean and modern design.
Organized homepage.
One-click demo installation. 
Contact form 7 
Secured documentation. 
Fast loading speed
Comparison chart.

Why is it famous?

The organized home page is the main reason for its popularity. The homepage has everything to show up. Your potential clients don’t need to bounce; they will know your price comparison, course price, blogs, and more.

04) Calibar Pro

calibarpro WordPress theme


Basically a multi-purpose blog covers plenty of areas. So, there is a chance of slowing down; Calibre Pro is not like that. It is fast and provides all the facilities. You can sell your service through it, that’s the overall point. The rest of the features is below:

Major Features:

Sidebars are well-organized.
Testimonial is at the sidebar.
Service feature is at the end: very organized.
Page load speed is under 2 seconds. 
Google map integration.
Instant chat with clients.  
Featured pictures are customizable. 

Why is it famous?

Calibre is famous for its flexibility. You can add any essential plugins without reducing quality. Plus, maintenance is easy. In a nutshell, your SEO agency will get a kick start with its fantastic homepage.

05) Biotic

biotic- WordPress theme


Biotic is an Ecommerce theme for digital sellers. It has around 100+ features with a comprehensive guideline; it will boost your traffic engagement and enhance the potential sale. There are a lot more things; here are they:

Major Features:

Efficient page builder: WPBakery. 
The Woocommerce plugin is pre-installed.
Three different pricing plans with a comparison chart. 
Blog and vlog features 
Special offer chart with time count.
Slider Revolution for carousel advertising. 
Payment method is easy to add. 

Why is it famous?

Starting an eCommerce platform is tedious work. Biotic reduces that hassle with its unique drag n drop features. You can begin to your eCommerce shop within 20 minutes -a piece of cake. Your initial investments are secured; just start the business. It’s easy to earn $100

06) Eatshub

eatshub WordPress theme


Generating at least $200 from food delivery is now easy. Believe it or not! Eatshub brings the opportunity; it has 30+ simple features with a digital food menu. You can engage a food enthusiast at a glance. Want to know about this? 

Major Features:

Restaurant open and close time feature.
Stylist design with customization facility.
Three different headers: you can adjust your color according to your design.
 Advanced typography: set font size, color, and line-height. 
Different pages for the individual menu.
The price chart is clean with detail. 

Why is it famous?

I would say the design is the key factor. Your food will glow through this theme: it’s not for design, but for the features. 

07) Travelz

Travel agency WordPress theme


As I said, travel niches are diversified; travelers can earn through a blog. Or a travel agency can boost up its sale with a responsive theme. And Travelex is the second one; it is fully designed for travel agencies. 
Every need is implemented here. You just need to “drag n drop” the essentials to your theme. So what are those essentials?  

Major Features:

Eight major homepage features
Google map integration with instruction.
Dedicated gallery page.
Retina ready features to understand the picture pixel.
Exceptional booking page with a detailed chart.
Specific pages for the tour packages.
Interactive sidebar.
Destination archive page for a testimonial. 

Why is it famous?

Travel agencies are choosing this theme for its features. More features mean enough space to show up the work; it’s easy to segment the total prices and packages.  

Final Words:

You have got your desired answer. I explained two of the most asked questions through examples. At the first stage, there were seven niches. It expressed the reasons for popularity. 

And the next session is about the factors. There you have learned about the seven wordpress themes. All these themes were explained through two sections: significant features and why they are famous.  
These two features tried to explain the significant factors for popularity. I am sure you have learned the precise answer. Let me know what I missed or what I should add in the next. I am waiting for your valuable response. 

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