Top 10 WordPress Themes and HTML Templates 2020 – Save 70% of Cash

No matter whether it is digital or physical appearance, “The first impression always counts." This is why digital entrepreneurs are investing $ behind themes and templates. 

Now, why are they spending dollars behind this? Simple! To get sustainable clients by satisfying Google.

Is it tough to satisfy Google for having consistent clients? The answer is: Yes. Here is my explanation about the answer:

User experience is a crucial SEO factor. It includes -website speed, site structure, and more. If you can ensure these, you have successfully confirmed a successful client base. And based on this statement, I can say; it’s technically tough to satisfy Google.  

So, how can you overcome that technical situation? It all starts with installing lightweight and user-friendly themes and templates. 

In this post, you will read the top 10 WordPress themes and templates. These will ultimately save your cash more than 70%. So, read it now! 

5 Best WordPress Themes: Solve 70% Cash

I breakdown the cash saving session into two parts; you will read the best WordPress themes here. Let’s start. 



One of the lightweight and easy-to-install themes is Newstrack. It is seamlessly responsive with all the essential features. I will cover those in the next, for now; let me write about three interesting benefits.

First, we all know that site speed is a crucial SEO factor. Newstrack meets this factor from the day you equip it. 

The next one is a built-in page builder. It means you don’t need to go for an extra cost. I know this sounds a bit confusing. Come on! Don’t worry! You will get a jaw-dropping experience after using the feature.

It has a hundred up the mood to customize your news. For example, you can animate the design by using its CSS modifier.

That’s not the end! This theme also has 800 different fonts for standing out your news from others. Anything else do you need? Let’s jump to the features.     


  1. Numerous colors for frontend and backend design.
  2. CSS 3, Animation.
  3. One-click install
  4. Contact Form 7 is integrated with this.
  5. 24/7 support with uptime.
  6. Secured documentation with quick access.
  7. Easy to customize.
  8. Quick integration of social media.
  9. Advanced Typography. 
  10. Built-in page builder.



Like the news portal, portfolio sites are getting popular. People are now moving into this platform to promote them better. And to cream up their portfolio better, Adrion builds a fully responsive theme.

It has an integrated page builder with a one-click installation facility -means no technical difficulties. You can even save time by quick selection.  

This includes a 12+ theme mood with lucrative animation to spice up your information. Sounds great, right? Wait! There are a lot more things to show. Look at these:    


  1. It supports WordPress 5.0
  2. Compatible with all browsers.
  3.  Dark and light version.
  4. Meets google page speed requirement.
  5. Fast integration for social media.
  6. Customizable.
  7. Thousands up color variations with typography.
  8. CSS animation and transitions.
  9. Contact Form 7 with secured documentation.
  10. 26/7 live support
  11. Clean codes and 800+ Google fonts.



This Covid-19 has motivated thousands of small entrepreneurs to move to Woocommerce. Yes! I am telling you the recent facts.

Look! People are now more prone to order their essentials from home. It means you can grow your business by home-delivery service. 

Trust me! This is one of the easiest ways to make some cash. To help you to reach that dream paycheck, Biotic offers a WooCommerce theme. 

It comes with a unique page builder to sync the essential carts and payment methods. You just need to install and customize—no need to learn to code -everything is premade. 

Now, you may ask; what if I need to edit some codes? Relax! Biotic offers a developer mood for this theme. You can edit! Want to know more? Jump to the feature.


  1. Compatible with all browser
  2. Supports WordPress 5.3
  3. Lightweight and fully responsive
  4. Easy to customize.
  5. Mobile-friendly 
  6. Advanced Typography
  7. Clean code with edit option.
  8. Unlimited color option
  9. Different design mood for front and backend 
  10. Unique homepage templates
  11. 800+ Google font
  12. On-demand support.



Remember, I promised you to save your cash? Veen could be the real saver for your wallet. It offers a minimal and lightweight personal blog theme.

You can customize it with one click. Not only that, but the one-click option also offers two unique benefits: 11 custom widget and translation support to meet the SEO demand.  

Wait! That’s not the end. Read the features:


  1. 6 lucrative layouts.
  2. 100% score on desktop and smartphone.
  3. Social media integration with self-hosted comments.
  4. Full documentation.
  5. 5 different post formats.
  6. AMP support
  7. HTML 5 and CSS3 ready
  8. Unique advertising sections
  9. Comprehensive changelog for developers
  10. 24/7 live support



Small restaurant owners try to start with simple, TinySalt realizes this pain point. That’s why they developed a tremendous theme. It’s fully responsive and offers unique features. That is Google Rich snippet. 

We all know how useful this feature is in SEO. So, to meet the requirement, you need some essential features. Here you go: 


  1. 7 widgets with 3 site header layouts.
  2. Compatible with all WordPress versions.
  3. 10 single post templates.
  4. 5 regular plugins, including WooCommerce.
  5. Dark and light theme.
  6. You can hide the post Meta.
  7. Dedicated Instagram footer widget.
  8. It supports RTL language.
  9. Fully customizable.
  10. Seamless social media integration.

Best HTML Templates: Save $ 75%

Don’t go! One more section is left. Yes, the super cash saving HTML templates review. This will blow your mind from the beginning. Don’t miss it!



Eats is another rescue option for small restaurant entrepreneurs. It offers diversified features for developers to stand out on a restaurant page. One of its best things are: clean code and smooth translation.

You don’t have to get puzzled with the structure. Everything is saturated. For example, the booking and menu lists can be customized easily with Bootstrap 4. Sounds great? Here are more things you need to check:  


  1. Supported with WordPress
  2. HTML5 and CSS 
  3. 100% responsive
  4. Fully customizable.
  5. Simple and minimal designs.
  6. Transition and CSS animation.
  7. The bootstrap framework is supported.
  8. Google fonts are supported.
  9. Comprehensive documentation.

2.Daily news


The spike of the news portal cannot be avoided. And it’s because of the amazing touch of artistic look with user-friendly features. Daily news, in fact, meets all these said features.

Now, why does it stand out from other HTML templates? For multipurpose user experience. You can use this theme for review magazines and newspapers. 

Truly, a better template in comparison of price and efficiency. Are you planning to click? Wait, there are a lot more thing to know: 


  1. Dropdown menus are amazing.
  2. Lucrative font icons.
  3. It’s based on bootstrap 4.X
  4. Quick customization option.
  5. Clean code for editing.
  6. Comment option.
  7. CSS 3 with animation features.
  8. Box width layout
  9. Full-width layout.
  10. Thousands up font icons.
  11. Youtube video integration.
  12. Quick integrations for social media. 



Jobs is totally a different template from the earlier three. It’s, in fact, an easy-to-go type template. You can update anything for its comprehensive coding.

Not only that, but this template also offers attractive features to bloom the CV. Developers can facilitate this Updated CV features to make the portal useful. In a word, simple and sleek design.    


  1. Attractive profile and portfolio features.
  2. Dropdown menus are comprehensive.
  3. Update and editable resume.
  4. Social media are easy to integrate.
  5. Made from bootstrap 4.X
  6. Quick customization options
  7. CSS3 and HTML5
  8. Animation and transition.
  9. Clear documentation for future work.
  10. 100% responsive.

4. Canvas


Damn! No one, I repeat, no one is giving the offers like Canvas. It’s not fluff; Canvas is giving you a multipurpose template under your budget. I know you cannot trust me without proof. Here is some of the proof:

They offer 36 unique benefits that nobody provides. For example, 1000 plus files, including 100+ multi and one-page demos. 

You can use all of these files in any WordPress theme. No matter what your business is. You can even use it for a non-profit organization -It’s a lifetime-opportunity. 

If you have this template, you can use it for any purpose. Now, you might have questions for an update. Don’t worries, Canvas offer a special update offer. For that, you have to check the link. Before that, look at the features.  


  1. Lucrative admin dashboard.
  2. 100% responsive with retina ready.
  3. 35+ niche demos.
  4. 7+ slider with 20+ templates.
  5. 1200+ UI features.
  6. 170+ portfolio templates.
  7. SASS included.
  8. 45+ blog templates.
  9. Unlimited footer and header style.
  10. E-commerce templates.
  11. You can work with AJAX Contact Menu.
  12. Dedicated media library.
  13. Multiple mobile navigation.
  14. 30+ homepages
  15. PSD included.



The last one is a better template for the admin dashboard. You know, it’s quite a genius invention for me. What! Yes, I am talking about CORK -the game-changing admin templates. 

It has 100s of elements you need to check, such as buttons, charts, widgets, forms, tables, maps, and more. 

You can get a comprehensive overview of this template. It will later help you to set up a better On-page SEO strategy. I mean it! Count my words. Cork is a game-changer. Here is the feature it offers:


  1. 100% responsive layout.
  2. Life-time update opportunity.
  3. Based on Bootstrap 
  4. SAAS powered 
  5. Two different layouts: Dark and Light.
  6. Customizable designs and layouts.
  7. 50+ Pre-built apps and pages.
  8. Unlimited templates options.
  9. Clean codes with a detailed changelog
  10. 24/7 live support.

Wrapping up:

You have read the top 10 WordPress themes and HTML templates review, right? Now, what are the takeaways?

The takeaways are as follows: 

  • Time-saving
  • Reduce technical difficulties
  • Effortless integrations.

These are the points I tried to focus on by saving your hard-earned cash. I am sure there are tons of alternatives that can save you money. But tell me, are there anything acceptable themes and templates that can save more than 70% of entrepreneurs? I will be waiting for your answer. Till then, read and grow. 

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