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Adnan Shawkat

Hi there,

First of all thank you for contacting us again. Anyway I am answering the questions that it is I think easier for you to understand the way it is.

Firstly to disable the icons actually these shows when you’ve installed the WooCommerce plugin. By default there are no option to hide them unless you don’t use WooCommerce but you can simply hide it using css tricks. Below is the code to hide the icons or things that you’ve shown in the screenshot:

.topbar-right .tr-user, .topbar-right .cart-content {
    display: none;

About the product showcase on homepage currently our theme don’t have such option to show. But you can search for some plugin which might do these works like product filter shortcode plugin etc. Here’s a thing I think it might help: https://demo.mintplugins.com/plugin-previews/mp-stacks-woogrid-demo/

Now about adding products at the navigation bar this is simple as you’ve done other navs. Just add the menu or category under the menu you want.