ThemeRegion Just Got a New Design Overhaul

Here at ThemeRegion, we pride ourselves in providing you with creative and innovative WordPress themes and HTML templates for your website. In the years that have been, not only were we busy developing powerful themes and templates, but also developed our own skill set with cutting-edge technologies, design tactics, and so on. We have developed a fine sense of what you – the webmasters, truly require. And with the inauguration of the new and improved ThemeRegion, we hope to serve you with our new found wisdom and understanding.

The ThemeRegion Website has received a dramatic design overhaul as far as looks and feel is concerned. We have tweaked the UI and UX making it even more accessible so that it can provide more value.

The following is a brief overview of all the improvements and additions we have implemented on ThemeRegion. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Reimagining the UI and UX


The most noticeable difference between the old ThemeRegion and the new one is arguably with the newly implemented UI/UX. Previously, we went with a minimal design language with a lot of white spaces. The homepage compromised of everything which made it a bit messy and even confusing to some of our users.

But now, with the new design, we have added a bit more color into the mix. The site also follows a minimalistic, flat design style to keep it up to date with modern design trends. The home page itself contains a brief look at some of our featured themes. We have also added some easy navigation options to help you get to where you want to go.

Here are some of the core design changes made while moving forward:

  •  A minor tweak to the logo.
  •  The sticky header menu is no more.
  •  The new header contains more options packed in a sidebar menu.
  •  Search Bar now has filtering options for the items you are searching.
  •  A new recommendation form included in the footer, where we tell you what to expect in the selected categories.
  •  Login and registration functionality now accessible through a single icon. Previously there were two different buttons for each.
  •  Minor changes to the on-site animations.

Redefining the Pricing Structure


Till now, you could come into ThemeRegion, browse through the different themes and templates, and buy the ones you liked. Pretty simple and straightforward! However, we have noticed that many of you are interested in buying multiple items for your different projects. And so we thought we would add in a whole new pricing model which will give you access to all our themes and templates in a bundled offering.

That’s right, we are currently selling a bundled package of all our HTML templates and another bundled package for all our WordPress themes, each with 6 months of support. There is also the “best value” pack offering all our HTML and WordPress items with 1 year of support. It is by far the value for money package, we have created.

Revamped Product Showcasing Page

product details

For all these years, all our themes and templates came with a “live demo” functionality to help you get a feel of what it was capable of. We also enlisted all the features of the product in a nice little list. But now that we look behind it seems a very limited method of approach.

The “Live Demo” functionality can’t guide you through all the bells and whistles of the theme/template in question. That is why, we have revamped the entire Product Showcasing page to give you as much information as possible. With us, you will always be making a well-informed purchase.

All the features are written out along with their benefits so that you know precisely how to use them. These are also categorized into sections, “Overview,” “Core Features,” “Comment & Support, ” “Questions & Answers.” You can jump between the sections with a click of a button, instead of tirelessly scrolling down.

Brighter colors and richer typography has been used to bring to light all the important information. There is even a section which showcases some screenshots of the item, so you don’t need to visit the “Live Demo” page.

And if go to the very bottom, you will get the option to buy the item as a single purchase, or get the option to “get started” with one of our bundle packages.

Introducing the ThemeRegion Blog


Remember when we said that we have learned so much over these couple of years. Apart from utilizing all that knowledge into creating superiors themes and templates, we have decided to share it on our new blog. Yes, ThemeRegion is launching its own blog.

You will get some professional level insight on how to better manage your website, and also learn many tips and tricks that will make you become a more capable webmaster. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to our newsletter and get access to all our new content as soon as we publish them.

Better Support


With the previous iteration of ThemeRegion, the support button would carry you over to our dedicated forum boasting all FAQs. From here you could have either searched for a query that resembles your problem or asks a question directly to our support team. An “Ask Question” CTA was placed in the forum page which would take you to a Contact Form where you could write your problem, fill the required information, and wait for our experts to get in touch with you.

With the new update, we have stuck with the same principle but revamped the UI to make it more purposeful. For example, now the “Ask Question” CTA catches the eye more easily. Furthermore, we have also included a section showcasing our office hours so that you know if our support team is online or not.

One more minor addition has been made as well. Previously anyone could ask a question in our forums page. Now, you will need to have(or create) an account with ThemeRegion in order to do so.

In Conclusion

So this is basically a brief overview of all the major changes we have made to the ThemeRegion website. We hope that this will better your user experience while using our website and our products.
Do note that this is just the early stages of development towards the new ThemeRegion. You are more than welcome to be part of this journey. Pitch in your ideas and feedback, so that we can further improve ThemeRegion to serve you even better.

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