How does a newspaper template help to improve a website? – 10 Reasons You Should Know

Around 90% of adults are now relying on news blogs. Can you imagine how big this market is? Definitely, a perfect platform to generate handsome cash for a living. 

Believe it or not! Millions of users are earning at least $200 from news blogs; I am not fluffing.       

If you need proof, I will suggest taking a tour from Themeforest. They have thousands of newspaper template that are flooded with comments and reviews.

Yes! All of these are real and satisfied -no doubt! So, how are these templates benefiting the users? 

That’s what I will reveal in the coming sections. You will read about how news templates are helping to improve a website -including 10 reasons. Read my first-hand experience for that. 

Here is a real-life example from my news blog: 

I planned to write this section formally. But as soon as I put myself in the reader’s shoes, I realized it’s better to go with a real-life example. This is my story:

I started my news blog in 2019; it’s just before the Covid-19 strike. At that time, my capital was almost $80. 

Since the budget is low, I discussed it with my friend for efficient investment. He said, “Dude! You have more than enough, just start the shit!” 

His motivation could not charge me up for my doubt. I was hesitating between the “newspaper template vs blogging template.” 

To remove this confusion, I fired up Google and started to search for a better idea. Search, research, search. This is the process I went through for 2 days.

Then the third day, I revealed my game-changer. Yes! It’s a damn news template called Newstrack. The feature of this theme literally pushed me to give it a try. (I won’t write about the feature, just click the link and see what it offers) 

So, I promptly installed it and took some time to configure it for my site. The next day, I mean the fourth day, my test took off. 

The test was performed for three months; each day, I noted the updates. After three months of extreme tests, I revealed a jaw-dropping result. 

Here is the overview of that result:

  • 700+ regular traffic per month.
  •  Bounce rate was almost 15 to 20% 
  • Two startups are offered for advertisement.
  • Better social media engagement.
  • Real-time user ratings

These results lured me into doing further research. It included – analyzing templates and SEO factors. I will write about the template analysis for now. Maybe someday, I will write about my SEO factors.

So, the total template analysis showed me 50% improvement. I will write the major factors which helped me to improve my website. Here we go.

10 reasons to use a newspaper template:

10. 100% responsive:

Recently, Google said that they prefer mobile-friendly websites more. Why? People are now depending on smartphones, tabs, and more devices. They barely use a desktop.

So, it’s essential to make a site responsive on all devices. Without a template, it’s time-consuming to make a site 100% responsive.

Newspaper template reduce the time by 80%. It even makes a site responsive for all platforms within a minute. 

For example, I generate 70% of traffic from smartphones and tabs. My traffic says, “it’s easy to land my desired pages and shops.” 

Can you imagine how essential it is for having enough traffic? I think it’s a crucial factor in improving better website results.  

If you look at the giants like TechCrunch, HuffPost, Mashable, and more, you will see they strive to make their site better. 

Their page response rate is around 95 to 97% on average; it can be why 45 million monthly users. So, a better news template can enhance your user experience.  

9. Increase social signals:

Social signals are an important source for fixed traffic; the news template confirms this through its built-in social media integration. 

Many templates are now offering 20+ social media integration: it’s like a drag and drops feature. Let me clear the idea with my example; my brand has three appearances: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

 I added my brand account with the social media platform by signing in. The rest of the process did my template; I need not take any hassle for that. So, how did this feature benefit me? 

Here is the answer: people spend more time on social media. This means it’s easier to get regular traffic from it. 

If you have a page or business account with growing followers, you have a high chance of getting traffic.

I generated my initial traffic sources from Instagram and Facebook. So, it’s wise to use the template; because it automatically posts your content on social media on behalf of you. Just add your account. That’s it!  

8. Meets SEO Strategy:   

Like social signals, news templates have the best SEO plugin. It helps to meet the primary SEO requirements. 

As a result, admins can set a basic strategy for better search results. A better search result is a good signal for increasing traffic.

Want some proof? Here is my experience: I had basic SEO knowledge when I started my blog. That time, I feared a search drop because big fishes have already created the authority.  Thank god, Newstrack saved me! It has a compatible plugin for meeting the search engine requirements.

The tool shows readability scores, tags, meta tags, writing quality, and all other strengths. So, based on these signals, I can optimize the contents. It takes 5 minutes on average per post. 

Tell me, is not it a better choice for a better strategy?   I bet there are no other templates better than news. Why? Because it works faster than blog templates for its importance.   

7. Proper Design:

Designing a website takes time; I have seen many WP templates take even 2 hours to get a proper design. 

But the newspaper template is less time-consuming. Plus, it has thousands of layouts and features to improvise. 

One can improvise the design based on user experience.  Say, for example, I wanted my “Breaking News” tab under the header. But the template has at last, so I redesigned that later. 

Like that, I changed a lot of features without prior coding knowledge. This change later showed me three different analytics: different engagement, better content quality, and an increasing amount of impressions.

So, it’s evident how templates help to grow websites. That’s not the end; there is one more thing to mention; proper design needs a month for expert designers.  In that sense, templates save time.  

6. Advanced Color combinations:

The next thing an admin can do is change the color. News templates have thousands of color variations; one can change the regular color by spending a little time. Trust me! Templates let you play with the colors.

I even invented a color combination without knowing CSS! Yes, you can even do that. But, for you, I have a suggestion: please learn the basic CSS.

It will help you to set up a better color combination. Just go to W3 school; they have thousands of CSS lessons. 

You will get basic knowledge; applying that knowledge, you can create some lucrative color combinations. 

Now, why is it essential to know the CSS?  Recent news templates offer a diversified color editing features. If you know the basic CSS, you can edit even better. 

Some templates have CSS3 and animation. Knowing the basics can help you to stay ahead in the competition. 

One thing before ending this section: people judge your site based on your color combination. Your potentiality relies on much over this feature. So, utilize the templates for a better impression.  

5. Page Builder for Better Presentation:

As I said earlier, better presentation enhances engagement. Let me show you a real example: have you recently visited Techcrunch? Yes or no? Just go to their site. 

You will see a green cross button while you scroll; it fills every time you go down. They played a beautiful psychological game through this feature. 

Here is the game: the reader will see the button when they land. Whenever they start to scroll, their brain says, “it’s getting closer. Don’t stop.  Keep scrolling” 

Doesn’t it sound great? You can ask; how did they make it. Well, it’s just the proper utilization of page builder. 

A page builder gives your content a better look; it’s like makeup. It can make your content appealing or gloomy. 

This reminds me of a sweet memory: I used to share fun facts every weekend. Sadly, those contents performed poorly. 

One Day I decided to update the contents with a better presentation. Boom! The user interaction just hit my nerve. I still give partial credit to my page builder for that. 

Without a page builder, it’s tough to make a better presentation that is psychologically engaging. And news templates have that psychological builder (i am talking about PB)     

4. Quick Traffic Analysis:

My experience says, “Your income will largely depend on good analytical skills.” It means you need to know the market research. 

This all starts by scrutinizing the traffic behavior. For example, which aged people are coming to your website? Which genders are reacting the most? Which locations are generating more traffic?..

The list will go on. So, how do you know the answer? A proper analytic-dashboard can help you. There are tons of news templates offering an amazing admin dashboard.

You can segment each of the graphs, flow charts, and pie charts; It will help you see an in-depth view of traffic behavior. 

This will later help you to design a better content strategy. Remember, the more time you spend on your analytics, your chances of generating cash are higher.    

3. 24/7 Live Support

One of the biggest benefits of news templates is live support. The developer team is always ready to serve their clients. 

Now there might be a question about “service charge.” Here is the answer: most of the templates owners don’t charge for their live support.  

They encourage small business owners through this support. For example, my site had some technical issues. It took $50 bucks if I hired a developer.  

But Newstrack did that for free; they even did that within 30 minutes. So, relying on the news template can result better (i think)   

2. Secured archive

Hackers are always trying to find the loophole. They listed news sites as their first priority because spreading rumors is easier in news sites. 

Not only that but also the traffic on these platforms are always high. Why? Most of the templates offer WooCommerce service. 

As a result, it’s easier to snatch the customer data from this platform. This vulnerable situation can be risky for admins like me. 

To protect the stated risk, templates builders have an expert team to maintain security. In that sense, relying on the templates can be the safest way. It can even enhance the users’ trust, which will increase the traffic later.

  1. Saves Time and Cash  

The final benefit you’re going to have saves time and cash. That is the biggest reason for rushing over the news templates. 

You know! This world counts time as money. So if you can save time, it means you have created a space for earning. 

Plus, the news templates offer a minimum amount for small business owners. It’s affordable and hassle-free.

Final words:

I have explained all the essential reasons you need to know.  Now it’s your time to break out the confusion. Surely, newspaper templates are way better than any other templates. 

It’s 100% responsive, fast, secured, and SEO friendly.  If you want to earn at least $100 per month: Don’t hesitate; go for the News templates. By the way, don’t forget to share this with your friends.  We grow when we share.   

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