7 News Blog Themes for WordPress – 100% Money Makers

I always said news blogs are 100% money makers. Believe it or not, this niche earns more than a million.

Umm… it’s exactly a billion sometimes. Don’t you believe my words? Here is a fresh data for you:

Back in 2013, Huffington Post had 46 to 76 million monthly visitors. Now the number has reached over 100 million.

Like them, TechCrunch, Mashable, and Business Inside also hit millions of visitors. These giants earn from several ways: Google Adsense, advertising, sponsor, and more -Indeed, a profitable income source.      

Reading the data, I am sure you are thinking, “is it possible for small fish like me?” Of course, it’s possible.  

You can earn at least $100 per month if you can maintain it properly. Plus, over the time being, you have a high chance of managing to advertise.  

So, how can you get your first $100 payment? It’s all about starting your first news blog. To take this initiative, you need a theme that meets your budget. 

And this post will guide you to get that theme. You will now read the review of 7 best news blog themes for WordPress.  

These 7 kings are called “100% money makers”. Now, why do they call the muse of cash? Read the full review then.

7 Best News Blog Themes:

01) Newstrack


Let’s start with a low diet chart: It’s none other than Newstrack. The demo of this theme seems pretty good for starters.

If you are stepping for the first time into the world of news blogs, check this one. It has multi-browser compatibility. 

You can also run it with updated WordPress versions. Now, you might have questions about SEO and maintenance. Here is the quick answer: 

Newstrack has up to 90% page speed score. It is mobile-friendly; you can index contents faster than the competitive themes. This means it’s completely SEO-Friendly.

 The next one is maintenance; you don’t need any prior coding knowledge. Everything in this theme is like “Drag N Drop.” 

Customize your news based on the needs. Wait! There is something you should know -jump to the feature section now!


  1. 100% responsive 
  2. 24/7 online support.
  3. 800+ Google fonts.
  4. Breaking news setup is easy.
  5. You can integrate social platforms easily.
  6. Lag-free video experience for readers.
  7. Customizable sidebars 
  8. Customizable news categories.
  9. Popular post options for quick attention.
  10. King Composer page builder. It saves $20 investment.
  11. CSS3 animation for a better design.
  12. One-click demo installation
  13. Contact Form 7 is integrated. 
  14. Online documentation.
  15. Unlimited color variations.
  16. Advanced typography with 20+ facilities.
  17. Admin can control the total site both in front and backend.
  18. It’s based on Bootstrap. So, you import HTML Templates for a better-customized experience.

Don’t miss: that’s not the end. You still have chances to check the demo for free. So, grab the opportunity until it is over. Learn why people are rushing over this low diet theme.   

02) Sahifa


Time to leave the low-diet course. From now, you are going to taste a fatty-diet in each step. So, let me start with Sahifa.

It is one of the best-selling themes in Themeforest. The reason for this upscale is compatibility; Sahifa is compatible with all updated WP platforms.  

There are two other reasons: it’s compatible with the WPCOVID-19 theme. You can show your reader the real-time data.

Like this benefit, the theme also offers 400+ admin options. These admin features let you control the whole site firsthand -its secure. 

Don’t skip! I have a lot more things to say in the next. 


  1. It’s fully responsive in multi-device. 
  2. Translation for worldwide users.
  3. Buddy press and bb press both are compatible.
  4. New page builder with 100+ layouts.
  5. WooCommerce is integrated.
  6. Social counter widgets
  7. Three different theme layout: Box, Wide, and Frame
  8. Content slideshow and mega menu.
  9. Taqyeem plugin with a $27 discount.
  10.  6 new designs that no one offers.
  11. Accurate weather widget.
  12. Social media integration.
  13. Post view with the real-time count.
  14. Ajax live search
  15. Flycheck.
  16. 100% customizable. 
  17. Smart sticky navigation.
  18. Sticky sidebars.
  19. 35 custom widgets.
  20. 46+ background themes.

Don’t miss:Sahifa also offers 35+ unique features in the link below. Go and check how much cash saving offers they have. Indeed a reliable and lightweight theme. 

3) Mystique


In comparison with the previous two, Mystique is pretty lightweight. You don’t have to invest much time behind it, a true time-saver.

This widget-based theme allows you to set your news blog within 10 minutes; yes! Just “drag n drop” the feature you dreamt. 

It is less time consuming and confirms a fast user experience. I know this is not convincing: here is the thing you should know.

The more clean and fast your site is, the better the SEO result you will get. I found the proof from my test website.

Using this theme bolstered my ad sense revenue 3x. So, what features helped me to meet the highest revenue? Read it now… 


  1. Better rich snippet result.
  2. Easy to apply the schema structure.
  3. 10+blog layouts.
  4. SEO review facilities.
  5. It supports all formats of video, audio, and picture.
  6. Supports above WordPress 4.4
  7. CSS3 HTML5 supported.
  8. Cross-browser compatible. 
  9. Quick View options.
  10. Ajax load more.

Don’t miss: Like these, Mystique offers 30+ new features. To know these exclusive features, click the link below. Hurry up! 

4) Click Mag


Each of my best picks has a standout point; Click Mag is not beyond that. It saves $78. Is that real?

Yes! The theme offers a $78 combo pack. Inside the package, you will find three unique features.

First, review and rating; users can review your content in real-time. It’s a great way to show your authenticity.

The second one is the Theia plugin; you can add sidebars and post sliders. This will boost up the impression and engagement. Tell me, who else offers this better? 

Finally, you can personalize the homepage with 10+ different layouts. In a word, a better reader experience with fresh cash. Here is something you should not miss.


  1. You can add unlimited ads.
  2. 7+ custom layouts.
  3. Google amp framework for fast loading speed
  4. Custom theme option panel
  5. Bb press supported.
  6. Disqus comment support.
  7. Facebook comment integrated.
  8. Free updates for a lifetime.
  9. Logo customization ( this one made this theme standout)
  10. Easy to add google ad sense.
  11. 11 full-width post for a better view.
  12. Schema .org framework supported.
  13. Rich snippet for better SEO results.

Don’t miss: 15 more features are offered with 30% saving. Reveal the fresh offer, and speed up your money-making experience. Don’t forget to track the 50+ reviews; there is something to get motivated.   

5) Magazine


Most of the time, it has seen entrepreneurs invest a lot of $ behind plugins. It’s because of better SEO results.  

To get the result, they sometimes get out of cash. That’s a big stumble for a fresh starter. Magazine can solve the problem; it has all the plugins that an owner needs—no need to spend extra cash.  

Plus, it offers two more benefits: carousel and unique design. Carousel allows users to generate hefty cash with a quick ad.

The unique design will help you to reduce the bounce rate even better: you know google also ranks for user engagement (One algorithm secret has revealed now)  

Like the two benefits, Magazine offers more outcomes for entrepreneurs.  


  1. Shortcode generator for saving time
  2. Intuitive user ratings
  3. Google analytics 
  4. Author page detail
  5. You can easily turn or off the social button. 
  6. Custom copyright and footer text.
  7. Sticky navigation bar for quick engagement.
  8. Full-page background
  9. XML files are easy to import.
  10. Custom widgets.
  11. 24/7 live support from CEO
  12. Custom favicon
  13. HTML5 and CSS3 

Don’t miss: 30+ features are waiting inside the click button. So, save your time and cash; its lifetime offer with unlimited updates. 

6) GeekMag


GeekMag comes in 200+ features for new entrepreneurs. It’s like a onetime opportunity; you don’t have to invest for the next 1.5 years.

Here is why? It offers a forum plugin where readers can interact in real-time. The next is flexible editing; the admin can edit the designs and layout. 

For example, one can design the ad and even the placement; It’s like a “drag n drop” feature. This feature saves time and increases efficiency.  

So, what else will you get from it? Flexible footer, posts, and categorized layout. Wait! There are more thing to share with you:


  1. Admin can add an author box with their social icons.
  2. Wide ranged banner ad widgets.
  3. Live AJAX search
  4. Review functions are intuitive.
  5. 100+ sidebars.
  6. Sticky sidebars and masonry 
  7. Thousands of video and audio platform integration. 
  8. Updated gallery for high-quality pictures and gifs.
  9. Average 97% SEO score.
  10. Built-in social media comments.
  11. Buddypress and bbpress.
  12. Compatible with WordPress 5.X 
  13. Seamless integrations with 19+ plugins.
  14. 7+ post listing features.
  15. 8 unique widget integrations. 

Don’t miss:GeekMag offers a $13 discount on the quick purchase. This discount is for a limited time. If you want to stay ahead of your competitor. It’s high time to take the right step.  

7) Sense


Multi-purpose themes are getting popular, and that’s why I listed it in the first position. Now the question is why? Well, it’s simple.

These themes are risk-free. It’s like, if you cannot succeed in one side, you still have options to grow. 

Sense has focused on a risk-free investment. They made this theme for all purposes; you can use it for magazines, blogs, news, review, photography, and more. 

To make this sure, they developed some great features. I will write about it within 1 minute. Before that, let me show you a glimpse. 

Sense has 100+ satisfied user reviews; each rated it 5 just because of its 50+ unique features. One of them is CSS/JS editor.

You have already read the previous reviews; there were no JS editing facilities. It’s like a blessing for any developer. 

I know the feature sounds great. Jump to the next step, you will read all about the necessary features. 


  1. 100% responsive in all cross-device 
  2. Powerful page design feature.
  3. Header style with numerous editing facilities.
  4. Breadcrumbs feature for better SEO experience. 
  5. Unlimited color with an editing feature.
  6. Unlimited sidebar. 
  7. Intuitive social share.
  8. Light box-frame for better video experience. 
  9. AJAX for quick suggestions and live search.
  10. A Woocommerce plugin is also added.   

Don’t miss: 40 more features are waiting inside the link. Just go and check it out, you will find a quick win offer is waiting. 


What is the difference between free and premium themes?

A potential entrepreneur always prefers premium themes. The reason is security, support, and updates.

These features are not usually available in free themes. As a result, when you start to make some cash, your website starts to drop for poor performance. 

So, using free themes reduces the user experience, where premium enhances better user experience.

Why are multipurpose news themes popular?

The main reason for getting popular is a risk-free investment. This means you can use it for various purposes. 

For example, you cannot invest enough time behind a news niche; no worries, you can switch your theme to review a niche. It will save you time, but the income will be slower than the news niche. So that’s the basic reason for popularity.

Final Words:

As I said, I will show you the 100% money maker. And these are the 7 news blog themes for WordPress to generate your first $100.

By using these themes, millions of people are earning $100 -$10000 per month. Why are you waiting? If they can, you can. 

You have to try at least. Now the choice is yours; either you set yourself in the group of millionaires or set yourself up as a millionaire follower.    

There are tons of journalists who are living a lavish life just after a smart investment. So,are you going to be one of them? I am waiting for your answer. 

Don’t forget to share this with your friends, because it’s easy to grow together. 

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