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Hey thanks for your answer, would like to send screenshots, but its not possible within this contact field, right? Is there an email to send it?

try to explain again.

In the playbit theme there is a design button for “secondary menu color”. I wanted to change the main menu background color, too. Because on mobile devices, the menu items are not good readable. didn’t find the point to do that. So i’ve tried a little trick. (hope the descriptions are named properly, cause i have a german WordPress, with german field names)
I went to the menu editor. And in every menu – i filled in not only the shown menu name, i filled in something like that. “span style=”background-color:white; padding:5px;”>Home</span”. that works on mobile devices (look at http://www.rioband-olpe.de), but on the mac – if the mouse pointer stays for a few second on the menu items – the whole span text appears. that of course, doesn’t look professional. I think there is a different way to solve that, but I didn’t find it yet. Hope that clarifies it a little.

2. Issue.

I filled in the text (address and tel number) like you see it on the page.
the tel number is written like this “01234 1234567″
whenever i try to do it without ” ” it turns black on mobile devices.
Same if i do it like +49 (0) 1234 1234567 or 01234-1234567. Text color is white. on Mac or pc everything is fine, on mobile device the phone number turns black?

hope the description is better now.. 😉