• User cannot edit ad, how to remove "Brand" from the "Ad form"


    Two queries this time.

    When I click on the pencil icon to edit the existing ad, it takes me to the new page but without the editor. There is only a side panel but the main page is empty. Also… I can’t see any option to edit the ad from the ads screen, I can only access them through the “Profile > My ads…” but as I said it doesn’t work.

    I would like to remove the “Brand” option from the form or make it non-mandatory.

    Kindest regards, and thank you for your previous help

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    One more question…

    I would like to add “my ads” to the top menu or simple link it, but I cannot locate the target. In the “Profile” it doesn’t open as a new page or a widget or a template. Perhaps I cannot identify it.

    Can you help me please?



    Adnan Shawkat

    Did you import the demo properly? By importing the demo all the settings pages would have been created. If you didn’t import it then please provide us temporary admin panel so that we can set those pages for you.

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    Adnan Shawkat

    Hi there,
    It seems everything is working fine. First of all remember to remove any ad blocker extension on your browser which actually prevents profile page to load. Secondly from there you can edit ads. I’ve tried with your given admin access & it worked properly. Please check again & also as I’ve recommended pause or remove any ad blocker app from your browser & ask your clients to do that too.

    Hi, I found the reason of why I couldn’t edit my ads.

    I have reinstalled everything from scrach, and it happened again. In my opinion in the demo template the Ad Edit page doesn’t have that template activated by default. So once I have changed the template of the page, I could edit my ads.

    Second issue still exist: I need to remove “brand” from the new ad template or have the option to make it non-mandatory

    Third issue (very important for me) – I need to create in the top menu a direct link to go to “my ads” page. At the moment I can only access “my ads” through the “My profile”. The problem is that the “My ads” tab (in Polish: “Moje ogloszenia”) doesn’t have its own address and it always takes me to the “My profile” page.

    As you can see at the moment there is the “My ads” tab (in Polish: “Moje ogloszenia”) in the main menu but it takes me to the profile.

    Last question – how can I activete the users registration?


    Adnan Shawkat

    Hi there,
    To remove or make it non-mandatory you need to modify the ads submit template in your child theme so that you can make it not required.
    About the my ads tab we don’t have option for pages of my ads. It’ll load by default the profile page. If you want to make it your way you need to customize it by hiring someone who can do it. As you know we don’t offer support for custom work but we do give our best if our customers get issue with the theme. Hope you can understand.
    Lastly I’ve enabled the customer registration. You can do it simply by going to settings->general and then enable or disable registration on your site. Check the screenshot: http://prntscr.com/m6ujb7

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