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    Wordpress is requesting to update to 5.2.1 however won’t update due to the php for Playbit php is out of date. I just download the newest version playbit_package_v4.4.1 2 however when opened it is the same version I had: playbit_package_v4.4.1. Is there a new version coming? If now where do I update to the new php Version 5.2.1.

    Here is the error message: You cannot update because WordPress 5.2.1 requires PHP version 5.6.20 or higher. You are running version 5.5.22.

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    Adnan Shawkat

    Hi there,
    It’s not a theme issue. It seems you’re using PHP 5.5.22 on your server which is lower version to run the updated WordPress. Please contact with your hosting provider to update the PHP version to latest so that you don’t have any issue regarding the update of WordPress. Hopefully you can understand what I’m trying to say.

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