• Trade theme Issues and need a support to develop the website


    Home Page
    1. Need more locations in the search bar
    2. How to edit the side bar ad in the Home Default

    Post an ad
    1. Condition need not be mandatory
    2. Brand Name need not be mandatory
    3. City, State, Zip Code and Country are greyed out (can’t edit in the front end)
    4. Some form fields have responsive issues
    5. Ad type need not be mandatory

    Ads Page
    1. Email and Contact number visible to all visitors (including non-logged in visitors); we want it to be visible only to the registered users who have a premium membership
    2. Edit Ad page is not opening
    3. Sort option is not available
    4. Contact by WhatsApp required in the ad page
    5. Make the images in standard size

    1. Need support to add more payment gateways

    Profile Page
    1. Need more options in the last form field “You are a”(only “Administrator” option is available)

    Theme Options
    1. Documentation is not available and link is broken in theme options
    2. Language change is not happening even after enabled (Translation not happening)

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    Adnan Shawkat

    Hi there,

    Following are the answers to your questions:

    1. The locations will load automatically from the ads location so we can add it manually it’s auto populated.
    2. In home default you can edit the sidebar ads from the editor itself.

    Post an ad: These are customisation option you need to have a proper quote for all the customisation & you need to approve it though.

    Ads Page:
    1. Task needs to be done with paid customisation
    2. Edit ads page will open once you assign that edit page into theme option under pages menu.
    3. You need to add proper gmap api to work these things.
    4. Task needs to be done with paid customisation
    5. Task needs to be done with paid customisation

    Pricing: Task needs to be done with paid customisation

    Profile Page: Task needs to be done with paid customisation

    Theme Options:
    1. I can see that the option page is available please check here.
    2. For translation you need to use translation plugins like translatepress or wpml & use their shortcode inside the box that way the translation will work.

    Basically we charge 35$ an hour for customisation. According to what you’ve listed these are merely 10-15 hour job except the payment gateway. We need to know which payment gateway you want to include & then we can let you know whether that is doable or how many hours will require to get this integration done. Let us know if you’ve more queries.


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