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    I purchase this themes and facing some issues kindly assist for the below

    registration form

    How I can add more fields for registration ?
    1- like mobile number is required

    Post an ad

    How I can customize the post ads form ??

    How I can add or remove ?
    1- How I can add SMS OPT code for posting ads
    2- Add location
    3- Add some features
    How I can add map on the ads to show the location of the seller ?

    How I can Add referral system for posting a?

    City, State, Zip Code and Country are greyed out (can’t edit in the front end)

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    Adnan Shawkat

    Hi there,

    Thanks for purchasing the theme. Sorry that you’re having some troubles modifying the theme. The answers to your questions are given below:

    To add new registration field you need to modify it on the theme core maybe on a child theme. You can override theme functionality on child theme easily.

    To customise the ads post form you need to modify the template itself. Copy the ad posting template & then paste it on child theme to modify the fields accordingly.

    To integrate SMS OTP system you need to integrate this part actually. We don’t have option to do that automatically
    Location is already added. With the proper GMAP API the fields will populate automatically that’s how it works actually.

    To show the map of seller its a custom job to do need to modify single ads template in this case.

    Referral is not available by default but you can maybe use post affiliate pro like plugin.

    I think by seeing your query these are not out of the box thing within the theme & you need to customise accordingly. Hiring a developer would be nice in this case.

    Let us know if you need anymore help in this case.


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