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    Hello team

    Till yesterday, Portfolio feature was working perfectly. On home page I have four images in portfolo. Schengen, UK, Canada etc. When clicked, text page with a Hover Box on top was working perfectly.

    Now, suddenly, when portfolio images are clicked, either it shows 404 error or takes it to slider or blog page.

    Please check all these links ( or click on any of the Portfolio images on home page ) Schengen Visa refusal, Canada Visa Refusal, UK visa refusal etc. and see what happens.

    1. http://box5469.temp.domains/~transln8/visa-appeals.com/portfolio/schengen-visa-appeal/
    2. http://box5469.temp.domains/~transln8/visa-appeals.com/teriz_slider/canada-visa-refusal/

    You can also check the back end and all text that i created in Portfolio items is still there. I do not know what code error has happened. Kindly look into it and correct it please. I was planning to go live this week and now this error has happened.

    My developer is trying but she cannot understand also.

    Back end login details are as follows :

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    Adnan Shawkat

    Hi there,

    It happened as your permalink was not updated. I’ve set the permalink & the portfolio page is loading perfectly. Please check & let us know if it’s working fine now or not.

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