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    I just installed Teriz and busy configuring it, I installed the demo content.

    However, when I change the navigation background color to blue and it shows correct on the page, but when scrolling down the menu appears in the standard (red) navigation colors?

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    Hi There,
    You’ll get navigation color change option in Teriz Options >> Styles >> Navigation Setting. Here is the screenshot. https://prnt.sc/-jGqOPDXeBVd


    I changed the colours in the styling options as you mention above.
    However, when you scroll down the homepage, the navigation that comes down (navbar-fixed-top) ignores those colours (so in case of demo content it shows in red).
    For that menu (navbar-fixed-top) I had to add all the colours again through CSS but that’s not how it should work I guess…


    Please submit your website URL, FTP access & temporary admin access, so that we can have a look. Make sure to set it as a private reply.


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