• Problems with the responsivity in Playbit Theme



    All the site is already configured and content filled, but some pages are not ok.

    The home, has a image distorted in mobile view and the page http://sobr.org.br/nossa-historia/ has the text formatted in an wrong way in the mobile view.

    the details for access are below:
    password: 8yvT4cimiDI6Rlgu3X8*^RW8

    Thanks for your help.

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    Adnan Shawkat

    Hi there,
    We’ve fixed the slider image distortion issue. Please check the site again. Also please try to update the theme to latest version as in there we’ve also fixed the logo issue in responsive.
    And about the text in a wrong manner I don’t get it. You’ve putted 100px margin in left & right for which it doesn’t show properly on server. We’ll not be able to customize your site or help you customizing hope you can understand.


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