• Photo Gallery Page Navigation Error & Upcoming Events


    Hi –
    We had help with this issue before and you were able to fix it. Because the plugins included needed to be updated, it seems like the theme was also “updated” – and your current theme files do not include the fix for this previous issue so we have this problem again.

    Please see the conversation here: https://themeregion.com/forums/topic/photo-gallery-page-navigation-error/

    Just to recap the problem is:
    In the demo gallery I can see the gallery’s page 2 link is: https://themes.themeregion.com/playbit/demo1/gallery/page/2/

    But when the gallery page “2” link on my site is: https://www.mahea.com/collection/photos2

    I tried this link: https://www.mahea.com/collection/photos/2 and it works. The link for page #2 is not written correctly in the code. Can you please help me fix that again in the theme’s code?

    Is there a way to display only upcoming events in the homepage (with widgets) and in our main events page (https://www.mahea.com/calendar)? OR is there a way to separate upcoming and old events?

    Our login info:
    developer: L9jVkF7971eVVup@Ijm2uHPW

    Thank you!

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    Adnan Shawkat

    It’s working again please check. As you can see the demo is working perfectly don’t know why only your hosting is getting in issue otherwise it’s working perfectly on other sites or hosting. Anyway we’ve fixed it please check.

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