Adil Fiaz

    Dear We have purchased following theme


    Need support on customization

    PLease help


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    Adil Fiaz


    1. The page took 7.7 sec to load. Anything over 3 sec and it’ll be very difficult to optimize it, as speed is direct ranking factor.
    2. The Paganize is 3.64 Mb. This is one of the reasons for the slow loading. By reducing the page size, we can significantly increase the page speed ( and keyword ranking opportunities).
    3. Images aren’t optimized properly.
    4. Site elements like CSS, JS files aren’t used in compressed form for faster loading. This can potentially reduce the page size by 0.8 – 0.9 Mb.
    5. Currently 16 JS and 20 CSS files are used, which is a very high number. Combining same kind of files can help in improving page speed as well.
    6. There’s a lot of in-line CSS/JS in the code. Need to clean that up.
    7. Have necessary meta tags for SEO like Description, Robots, etc. and fix hierarchy/usage of heading tags.

    Adnan Shawkat

    Hi there,

    Please provide your valid purchase code so that we can help you. Without the code we’ll not be able to verify your purchase & in that case we won’t be able to help you. So to get help you need to provide the purchase code which you got from themeforest. You can get the purchase code from your download section of themeforest.


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