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    Hi I hope all is well I purchased the Nap app theme and I need help #1 – changing the main menu background color from Grey – as it does not go with my brand colors. I dont know where I can change the color and I dont see the option to edit the menu header color anywhere on the backend. #2 I would like to change the link of the “button” that appears on the right of the main menu header. I dont know where to edit the URL that the button in the main menu header links to – where do I find that on the backend? (The button says “Download on my website – this is the button I am trying to edit the link on)

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    Adnan Shawkat

    Thanks for purchase our theme. I made a video for you. Please check the video. hope so you’ll get your solution. https://www.loom.com/share/5b46b417c8f4498e90d1d17d0d4ed73f

    For changing menu background color you just change below css code on your preferable color.
    #navigation, .navbar-fixed-top {
    background-color: rgba(67,87,93,.9);

    Regards & Thanks

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