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    I need suport for this:
    1) on mobile when I upload photos, they didn’t show on the ad.
    2) the ads gallery photo it is posible to have zoom options and display the image on a specific size?
    3) It’s any option to display the ads search on a grid?
    4) It’s posible to displaye the googlemaps prediction, I want to replace it with a list of citys

    Thanks a lot,

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    Adnan Shawkat

    Hi there,

    Here are the supports:

    1. Can you share a screencast of what you’re facing on mobile so that we can understand. It’s working on our end perfectly.
    2. No that can’t be done.
    3. No that can’t be done but if you have coding knowledge you can do that.
    4. No we’ve a homepage variation with gmap only.




    If you try to add an ad on promovat.ro from your mobile you will see that not all the time the images will upload, I will make a screen recorder or something like that.

    1) The future image can be disable? And the add feature image to be from gallery?
    2) Now some images are showing a little bit bigger(featured image) and the ads gallery images show a little bit smaller, you can see here http://promovat.ro/trade_ad/nsn/
    3) And it’s not posible to disable google maps, and let the user type the city on? And not fill automated from gmaps?

    Adnan Shawkat

    Hi there,

    If you know how to code then you can disable the feature image uploading function into the site. You need to customize the theme if you want it your way. About the featured image being bigger & smaller it happens because you’re not providing the same sized images so it’ll load based on it’s proportion. And no you can’t disable google maps unless you disable it by coding.

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