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    [email protected]

    sorry where I can write you an email ??? I would like to solve my problem with the theme Laxuary no I see well the “Laxuary options” section I want to send you an account to my back end wp but I don’t know how to send it through your help system

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    Don’t worry! here you are in the right place. Submit your issues here with temporary admin access. Please select private (Set as private reply) replay before submit. So, other people will not able to see your post. https://prnt.sc/pr5rij


    Adnan Shawkat

    Hi there Carlos, Please post your temporary admin access here so that we can help you. Check the screenshot so that you know how to make your comment private & post issue here: https://prnt.sc/pr5rij

    We didn’t heard back from you for which we’re pinging you back. Let us know please.

    Adnan Shawkat

    Hi there,

    We still didn’t got any news from you so we think the issue is resolved anyway. Please let us know if you need anymore help. If possible & you liked our theme then go ahead & provide a 5* rating to our product.


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