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    I just installed the theme TRADE – I have a problem to activate google map – I have an API key but nothing is triggered
    when I test the deposit of ads it is impossible to register an address I have an error
    Another concern was registration is impossible on the site – the template does not seem to be the right one and it is the same as the one for the connection
    could you help me solve his worries?
    heartfelt thanks

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    Adnan Shawkat

    Hi there,

    First of all about the registration you’ve to enable registration from the settings->general tab of your dashboard. Select anyone can register & that’ll enable registration on your site.

    About google map where are you putting the api key. There are option to set api key in theme option don’t know what’s causing issue. Can you be more specific on your map issue I mean you can provide some screenshots of errors which you’re getting. That would help us find out a solution for you.


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