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    i’ve got an issue with playbit Gallery.
    I have read that it was already discussed. ne hint was – to use the gallery Hive template to start to go through the different single galleries of a page.
    So I Tried to use Gallery Hive as the template to go to the single galleries. But if i put more than 9 Photos in my Photo gallery, the navigation link to page 2 is not working. It’s always an 404 error page. What can i do to solve that problem?
    I have linked the main gallery on top of this post, that you can check the issue.

    Kind regards and thanks in advance for your help

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    Adnan Shawkat

    Hi there,

    This happens basically when the server have some issues. As you can see on our live demo it’s working. Same thing occurs previously because of the server. You can check whether you’re using the latest version of PHP or not which 7.0 or higher. If yes then please provide a temporary admin access to your site so that we can have a look at it.


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