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Adnan Shawkat

Hi there sir,

As you can see you’ve purchased the HTML template of trade instead of WordPress version in this case we’ll not be able to refund. What we can do to help you is you can purchase the WordPress version & send us the purchase code so that we can ensure & after that we’ll refund for the HTML version. It’s not our fault that you purchased the HTML version in first hand. And after that if you need to convert it to WordPress theme then it’s all upto you. We don’t provide support for converting the HTML to WordPress and it’s not in the rule or policy. You can check the refund policy of themeforest. If you dispute you’ll never get the refund as we don’t have any issue or bug with the HTML version instead it’s you who’s not able to integrate it to WordPress. For WordPress you’ve to build the theme from scratch if you want or you can purchase the developed theme from themeforest. Now it’s totally upto you what you want to do. We provide the choice to you that we can do.

Hopefully you can understand.