SupportCategory: Trade - Modern Classified Ads WordPress TemplateTrade Template – Problem with registration and posting ad page
pacods asked 5 months ago

I bought the Trade template (WordPress). The installation was successful.
The website works well except for a very important part, the registration and posting ad page are not working.

– When I try to register as a new user, it pops up a message “User registration is currently not allowed”. 
What does it mean? Some function has to be unlocked on the WordPress dashboard?? 
or the problem is the host??  

– When I fill the form out on the posting ad page and I click on post ad button, some strange code pops up.

I can forward the screenshots if necessary. 

I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. 

4 Answers
ThemeRegion Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi there,
Please download the latest version of the theme where the ad posting issue has been resolved.
About the registration you need to enable registration to your website first from settings tab of your WordPress dashboard. Hopefully you’ll like the support thanks. If possible please rate us on themeforest which would help us improving the theme functionality.

pacods replied 5 months ago

I’ve downloaded the trade_package_v3.2.2. Is this the latest version?
Could you please send me the download link so that I can make sure I’m working with the right version.

These two pages are very important for the functionality of the website. Otherwise, I’ll ask for a refund.

I’ll rate you on ThemeForest as soon as I have 100% of my issue solved. 😉
Thanks in advanced.

ThemeRegion Staff answered 5 months ago

3.2.3 is the latest version. Please download from themeforest again & you’ll get the latest version from there.

cabraweb replied 5 months ago

Hello there.. I´ve got a question. there is no problem if I install 3.2.3 version

I was trying to install but I got this mistake:
: not possible unzip package: PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature


ThemeRegion Staff answered 5 months ago

I think you have problem with your host as its saying problem with zip files. Please check again with your host manager

cabraweb replied 5 months ago

Thanks… it was an error from my web browser downloading the file….

I tried installing again. it runs ok but they say_: there is a theme with the same name…

Can you recommend what is the best practice to update the trade theme to 3.2.3 ??

I´ll really thank you

ThemeRegion Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi there,
The best thing would be just delete the existing theme & upload the new one. Try to use child theme every time it would make everything easier.

cabraweb replied 5 months ago

I did it…. i just deleted from file manager the “trade” folder.. next I´ve installed. ANd previously I downloaded child theme from version 3.2.2.

So when I installed New 3.2.3 version All. whn running the same…. So

Thanks for your wonderfull help