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cabraweb asked 4 months ago

Hello Team.} I want to know how to modify cities in the picture below 
Also, I want to put custom search widget in left sidebar, for example: in your demo I see “all categories” widget but in mine. I ´ve tried with all widgets but nothing…. can you tell me the widget name of this:::
thanks for your help.

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ThemeRegion Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi there as i’ve already told you you’re seeing the html version of the theme please check the wp version or you can import the content first so that everything sets first & then you can change according to your need.
Here’s the wp demo:
Click on the live preview to view the wp demo of the theme.

cabraweb replied 4 months ago

thanks for your reply,,,,

Can you tell me how to modify cities in the picture below


ThemeRegion Staff answered 4 months ago

You don’t have option to change the cities. We’ve option in the theme option to either use country or city or state & these option will load from the database. These will be the entries that have been made while posting an ads. If you notice we get country, city, state etc in form & the search bar will load data from that one. About the filter system there are no widgets for location yet. Check out WordPress demo:

cabraweb replied 3 months ago

hi there,,, and did you use php files? Can I get access to php files to make modifications??

ThemeRegion Staff answered 3 months ago

Yes of course. WordPress is made with PHP so if you know how to code & specially how to modify a theme then you’re welcome to change anything. Just check the theme directory that you’ve downloaded from themeforest. You’ll get to see there are PHP, CSS, JS files already in there. Hopefully you’ll get it.
Thanks & Best Regards

cabraweb replied 3 months ago

Hello. Can you kindly tell me where can I find or modify the predefined data for city, country and more…

ThemeRegion Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi there, the data is not predefined. Its loading from the entry of ads.