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asdfasdf asked 7 months ago

When i use the Geek Theme and i have the mobile view for the website. When i click on the three bars Icon and it opens the menu items and i am clicking on one of them the menu doesnt disappear. It is still visible and the user has to click on the three bars again to make it disappear.
How can i change that? I would like the menu to disappear after the user chose one of the items?

2 Answers
ThemeRegion Staff answered 7 months ago

Hi there,
Did you purchased the HTML version of the theme or WP version? Also from where did you purchased the theme? Please let us know.

asdfasdf replied 7 months ago

I purchased the HTML version and purchased it through WrapMarket LLC. I added also the purchase number in the post. If you need it again I can send it to you.

ThemeRegion Staff answered 7 months ago

If you haven’t customized the theme then we can support you.

asdfasdf16 replied 6 months ago

Ok, great. So how do we proceed? As you can see also in your live demo when you have the mobile view and you click on a menu item all the menu items stay visible and cover the content. But i would like to have the menu disappeared after someone clicks an item.

asdfasdf16 replied 6 months ago

Never mind i solved the problem myself.

I replaced in main.js with this code
// ————————————————————-
//Mobile Toggle Control
// ————————————————————-

$(‘.navbar-nav>li>a’).on(‘click’, function(){

// var navMain = $(“.collapse”);
// navMain.on(“click”, “a”, null, function () {
// navMain.collapse(‘hide’);
// });

And furthermore i adapted the -1 with -80 so after clicking the item the headline is not covered by the mobile menu…

$(‘#mainmenu li a’).click(function() {
$(‘html, body’).animate({scrollTop: $(this.hash).offset().top -80}, 1000);
return false;

I think if i would have spend the time to solve it myself instead of registering here and posting etc i would have figured it out faster. But maybe it might help someone else and maybe you can adapt the theme so other users can also benefit from this.

ThemeRegion Staff replied 6 months ago

The solution is provided 6 days ago if you didn’t noticed? Please check the below comment. The solution is provided but you didn’t noticed. Anyway it’s great that you’ve sought it out.