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Adnan Shawkat

Hi there,

First of all thank you for purchasing our product. About modifying the job post template it’s actually not that easy to do that as we’ve different way to do that. You have to edit both backend & frontend. I would suggest to seek help from knowledgeable person who can do such jobs. Otherwise you can modify it in 2 different files for posting & editing on frontend: https://prnt.sc/rcmsdj

And for backend you need to edit the metabox fields from inc/admin/trade-metabox.php file, check the screenshot: https://prnt.sc/rcmt0e

You’ve to know how to modify or edit the templates in PHP, otherwise you’ll make a mess. And always try to change anything on a child theme instead of parent theme that way you’ll have access to latest updates without an issue.

Anyway I would suggest you to hire some expert who can do such jobs for if you’re not sure how to do that. If you want you can also hire us for customization job. All you have to tell us your changes you want to make & the budget that you have. If it’s ok with us then we can do this job for you also. 🙂

Let us know your thoughts on this.