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“Do not use the same keyword like events in theme option & page name”
The confusing part: you already changed the event PAGE slug. Did you not? Isn’t it “eventsss” now instead of the old and conflicting “events”? That should mean that the various issues are not fixed. They are not.

Detailed description of current issues:

1. RESOLVED: The main event page: after changing the slug AGAIN after you did from “Eventsss” to “Calendar” it is now visible and the banner is also visible. Great. Done.

2. UNRESOLVED: The main news page: it is set as the “Post page” and the banner image is set in the respective edit page but the banner is still not being displayed. There is no Playbit Post Type for this page – is there? What needs to be done here? (Please note that telling what not to do =! telling what to do to fix this issue). If the News page is a different page or I have the wrong URL, please let me know.

3. UNRESOLVED: The single event pages: I changed the Playbit post type slug several times and I’m still getting the same errors. How do I need to fix this?

If someone else understands the issue I’m having, can someone else help me? For the sake of everyone’s time. Thanks