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oXideX asked 2 years ago

In my website I have too much content in it. And because of that loading takes very long time to complete. I understand this is normal thing because it depends on contents that I use. 
Astro seems waiting to all content to load and then show entire page. How can I stop using this feature? I mean it does not matter if the content fully loaded, like a basic website, I want it to show any content from the start and continue loading. Waiting entire page to load makes website look a blank page.
Please give me any tip like disabling any JS or any part of CSS etc.
Thank you.

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ThemeRegion Staff answered 2 years ago

I think you want to remove preloader. if so, you can remove preloader markup from index.html.
also need to remove canvas.js and preloader.js from the bottom of the index.html.
Then remove preloader function from main.js

oXideX answered 2 years ago

Hi, thank you very much, thats exactly what I want.