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benny_0924 asked 2 years ago

Hi, I purchased this event castle template. I tried put it in my webserver and simply run the index.html, however in the google map section, the map did not showed instead it give error “Oops! something went wrong”. I looked into the javascript console find out that there is an error “Typeerror: d is undefined” in the common.js script. Can you help what is wrong with this? I haven’t customise the template yet, I just simply copy all directory to my webserver.
I also have changed the event date as suggested to 12 october 2016 09:00:00.

2 Answers
benny_0924 answered 2 years ago

I have found the root cause of this error. The google map need a valid key, so I have created a new key, and it is OK now.

ThemeRegion Staff answered 2 years ago

That’s awesome. 🙂